I am a recently graduated PhD from the group of Professor Nicholas Fang, where I worked on nanophotonics.

(My old concise webpage is here.)

Short background:

During my undergraduate years at IIT Bombay, I worked with Prof. M. Aslam and Prof. V. R. Rao on improving the performance of organic thin film transistors by forming conducting bridges of zinc oxide nanowires between grain boundaries. The growth process of these zinc oxide nanowires required the use of gold nanoparticles as "seeds". The size of the seed gold particles was characterized by studying their optical response, which got me interested in the field of plasmonics.

After undergrad, I joined the group of Professor Nicholas Fang, where for the first two years I worked on experimental aspects of strong coupling between localized resonances and propagating modes in acoustic and plasmonic systems. Subsequently, in collaboration with Prof. Tony Low and Dr. Phaedon Avouris at IBM, I studied how the emission properties of quantum dots or excited atoms placed near two dimensional materials can be controlled through the use of

  1. hyperbolic phonon polaritons and 
  2. valley selective optical pumping

Emission control via these two routes has never been studied systematically in the context of generic two dimensional materials, hence my work presents a significant advancement in the field of optics of 2D materials. So far, I have co-authored twelve peer reviewed publications, working together in collaboration with groups at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IBM, University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. For my doctoral work, I received the departmental award for outstanding thesis in 2015. 

Using my extensive training in theoretical and experimental solid state physics and optics, I am interested in tackling the tough questions in both fundamental as well applied photonics.

If interested, you can have a look at my curriculum vitae.